Monday, May 17, 2010

Chocolate is always good, son.

I have always wondered if it would become an issue for my kids to be part of a multi racial family: especially nowadays when it seems that the Hispanics have become the target of choice. My children do not look Hispanic at all, but I certainly can't deny my heritage (and no, I don't have J-Lo's butt - THANK GOD!).

I have been trying hard to make sure that the kids meet people of all racial backgrounds and so far, they are blind to any differences, or so I thought.

Last week we were in the car riding home from my brother's house. I was sitting in the back seat with Mini-Me so my dad could ride in the front with Sunshine. All of a sudden, Mini-me looks at me and asks:
-Mom, what color am I?
-What color is my skin?
-Uh.... I don't know.... what do you mean? (thinking of the famous "where do babies come from question)
-You know, my skin... what color is it?
-Well, honey, I think it is a VERY light brown with some pink.
-How about you, Mom? What color are you?
-I guess I am a darker brown.
-My teacher told me she's black. But I don't think so.
-What do you mean you don't think so?
-She's not black. She is chocolatey. I LOVE chocolate and my teacher is VERY nice too.

It took me a second to understand that he thought his teacher was being literal to the color of her skin, and that he did not agree with her description. So, I guess is not about being blind to what we see, but embrace the entire person and love every part of who they are. Thanks buddy, and by the way, you are right, I love chocolate too AND I think your teacher is Awesome.

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