Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Thoughts Monday

I am taking a page out of one of my favorite blogs, Sounds like Tomatoes, I am doing a list of Random Thoughts... I have a lot on my mind...
  • Why is it so hard for boys to chew with their mouth closed?
  • Why won't the hair on the back of my head lay down? Why does it insist in making me look like Dennis the Menace?
  • Why do I insist on trying to control things I have no control over, like the selling of our home?
  • Why don't I insist on controlling the things I can, like the amount of brownies I ate this weekend and slacking off on the exercise?
  • Why can't I get the job websites to stop sending me emails about jobs?
  • Why can't I get the telemarketer of Insurance jobs to stop calling me?
  • I love sleeping next to my husband.
  • When he leaves, I can actually FEEL a void in the house.
  • When I feel that void, every little noise scares me and I wish he was still here.
  • Maybe I can either get a night light or go sleep with Mini-me.
  • I worry about Skywalker and his transition into a new school, in a new town.
  • I love my boys. I rather have this knot in the pit of my stomach because I worry about them. I hope one day they understand it.
  • I am blessed to have children, a husband and a home to be worried about.
  • I've been praying a lot. I am fortunate to believe and be able to pray not only to God and my Lord Jesus, but also His Blessed Mother. She understands what is like to worry about her boy and Her household.


Too Many Hats said...

I hate when my hubby is gone too. You are really a trooper right now in your situation. I hope you all are together for real soon.

Much More Than Mommy said...

When The Husband is out of town for work, I have to sleep on the couch. The bed just feels cold and I never get to sleep. Praying for togetherness very soon!