Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That’s all folks! But it's just a see you later!

I am now sitting at work waiting for the last 15 minutes of work to be over. As bad as it got some days (especially when my Work-Husband found out I was leaving), I enjoyed working here. My co-workers were warm, caring and supportive (especially through the crazy health crisis in the last couple of years and during the unemployment). At the worse, they even “adopted” our family during Christmas time, to make sure that the kids had presents under the tree.

I didn’t know how much of an impact I had on those around me until my good-bye reception this afternoon. How wonderful to see all those people there. And the loot! They love me! I got tons of hugs and someone even cried.

I am glad that my parents will stay in the area. I actually look forward to a new chapter in my life, but I am glad that it was based on this wonderful time.


w said...

what kind of loot did you get? also. was it a doll of tattoo? because i wouldn't mind one of those.

Much More Than Mommy said...

How sweet! Always nice to know you're appreciated!