Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough's kid get sick

Ah, the bliss of being a single, working parent! Sunshine left on Monday at the crack of dawn as he usually does (thank goodness there are only a couple more of those left). We had been together all weekend long. I had taken two days off last week and spent it running errands like a mad woman.

I tried to enroll Skywalker in his new school (I'm still mad about THAT incompetent school secretary, so I can't write about it that- yet), so I returned to work yesterday ready to tackle this week.

At about 2pm I received a call from Mini-me's daycare. He had a fever of 102, complained that his belly hurt and wouldn't let anyone touch it. Yeah, you know EXACTLY what I thought.

I left work early and found him, laying on his cot, looking miserable. Poor thing! I approached him and as he looked at me he whispered: "Can I play my Nintendo DS when I get home?" I knew that he would survive.

I took him home and gave him some Motrin. He woke up twice last night asking for water. I considered bringing him to the bed with me, but I figured that being woken up a couple of times (and every time I heard him move) was better than getting kicked all night.

Amazing how a mother's ears work. Mini-me's room is down the hall from mine, and still I could hear him talking in his sleep. While I slept. With the TV on... This morning, he still wasn't feeling well, so I asked my parents to please take care of him so I could go to work. My mom volunteered to take him to work with her. (Have I mentioned how much those two love each other?) Mini-me was at first disappointed that he couldn't go to school (let's see how long THAT lasts) but then was super excited about spending the day with his Abuela.

When I picked him up, my mom told me that she had given him another dose of Motrin at 4 pm and he is still warm. I already had to call work and let them know that I can't come in to work tomorrow. Of course he couldn't get sick while I was off last week. Of course he couldn't get sick over the weekend. Of course he doesn't get sick when my dad hasn't spent 1 week taking care of my nephews and is ready to give up grandchildren. Of course he doesn't get sick on the days that my parents can help with him (other than today). Of course.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I love what he said about his video games-- yes, yes, he'll survive!

BTW, your nickname for him makes me laugh! I used to teach swim lessons to a kid NAMED "Sky Walker"-- as in, his last name was Walker! And he was born post-Star Wars!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Much More Than Mommy said...

Ah yes, their timing is impeccable! So sorry he is sick, hope he gets to feeling better quickly!

Too Many Hats said...

But, if he had been sick over the weekend was dad was home, you wouldn't have been able to enjoy his time with the family as much. If he had been sick when you needed to run errands, the errands would not have been run. I think there is never good timing for sickness.