Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Homework- with a smile

Sometimes you empty your child's backpack or cubby at daycare and find a note from the teacher asking you to do something for your child. The first instinct is to panic: when am I going to find time to do this?? Doesn't she know that I have a routine at home that barely leaves me time to myself (and go exercise, because it gets me out of the house for a selfish reason: ME) before I come home take a shower and try to read 3 pages of a book before I pass out with my nose against my Kindle's screen??? But then you get a homework assignment that you don't mind at all.

Today's assignment came from Mini-Me's day care: "Write a letter for your child to be read during Mail Time tomorrow. Put it in an envelope and address it to your child."

The hardest part is to put something into words. You start making up this beautiful letter in your mind (as you take a shower from your workout). It is so beautiful, that your tears are mixed in with the shampoo... then you remember that he is FOUR years old... and that this note is going to be read in the classroom. Can't be sappy! Can't embarrass him in front of all his new classmates!

I do have a stack of letters for each one of my kids. I keep them, sealed, in a file folder. One day, I will give it to them. I have written about their birth, a particular difficult time in their life (for example, if they get in trouble) about my hopes and dreams for them... these letters are hidden. Not even Sunshine knows where they are, but should something happen to me before I give them their letters, they can be easily found - it's not like there are too many places where I can keep private things around here.

So I tried to summarize my feelings for him, in a way that he can understand and like:

Dear Mini-Me:
I love you because you are very special. One of my favorite parts of the day is coming home after work and giving you a big hug and a kiss.

I am very glad that we are family because you are very funny. You make me laugh.

You are also an awesome helper. You help me with the garden and the tomatoes. You dig the best holes and can water the plants really well.

I also like baking brownies with you. You are good at cracking the eggs in the bowl - and don't even get shells in it or anything! You also mix the brownies well. I laugh when you get chocolate in your face from licking the bowl and the spoon.

I love you, Mini-Me! See you very soon!



Much More Than Mommy said...

How sweet!! And I like that picture at the bottom!

Too Many Hats said...

That is perfect for a 4 year old. He will feel all kinds of special and I think you will get a very big hug and kiss tonight.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

What a treat! Thank you for sharing that letter with us. Like you, I have letters for my daughter-- one each month for her first year of life. I plan to do one a year from here on out, as well :)


w said...


my letter would be like...

dear li'l tot. i love you. please never leave me. and don't put me in a nursing home.