Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go ahead. Hate me. You'll change your mind tomorrow.

Ok... Sunshine has left. This was my first evening as a single mom. I took advantage of his last day here and started the day cooking/prepping up a storm. By 10 am I had all the fixings for a week’s worth of dinners ready to go. Vegetables were cut and group together in little containers, chicken was placed in ziplock bags waiting to be thrown in the slow cooker, side dishes that could be made ahead of time were completed... By 11 am, Mini-me and I were making a batch of brownies. I knew that he was going to need the treat later (although I am trying to be careful not to set in his subconscious that chocolate is good when you are sad... still, it works wonders for me...)
By 12:45, Skywalker had enough of family time and was itching to go play outside. I told him to say goodbye, that by the time he came back home, his dad would be gone. His first reaction: “Really? Until Friday?” I said yes. He thought about it in sad contemplation for exactly 1.2 seconds. Then he looked at me (Sunshine was sitting RIGHT there) and said: “What time should I be home?” Ah! Revenge is sweet when is served with a side of traitor... Sunshine smiled, but didn’t say anything. 
At 12:50 he tried to say goodbye to Mini-me. It was heart-wrenching. Still, he was able to leave. We called my mom and since my dad is on a trip, we asked her to come over for dinner. I knew it would do the trick. You see, I may compete with Sunshine for the affection of our children, but neither can EVER compete with Abuelo and Abuela. Sunshine and I are tied for third place after those two.
My mom came and we had a lovely dinner which was topped with the wonderful brownies we had baked earlier.... YUMMY.
Bedtime routines were started and Mini-me was in bed and asleep by 7:15 p.m. Yep, you read right, my four year old was asleep by 7:15. You can start hating me now. Everyone does. I don’t care. Skywalker is downstairs watching TV (Star Wars, OF COURSE- what a geek-in-training), and he’ll come to bed soon to read until 8 p.m.... Yep, hate me again. 
Then, I will go to my room and curl up in bed with my Kindle until 9 p.m. when Desperate Housewives await (is there a show tonight?). 
Oh, and by the way, my husband loooooves me.... (See below). Let the mudslinging begin. I can take it.


Dory said...

THat is a very pretty set of ear rings, My valentine gift was much less sexy...a vacuum!!

Too Many Hats said...

Wow, i love those earrings! No hate here, it's always a good thing when some mom somewhere has things go well.

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

Dory, the secret was to take him to the jewelry store, put them on, SHOW him, tell the lady (and him) I wanted them, take the kids by the hand and sit on the bench outside the store until he was done... then play along...:)

Too many, they match my 10-year anniversary ring. When Sunshine proposed he promised me an elaborate ring on our 10 year anniversary (when he could afford a better ring). He kept his promise. :)