Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pack up!

So after a rough night (must've been something I ate), I decided to pack the family and head out on an adventure to the new city that will be our home soon.

We are going without reservations to any hotel, no plans and just a list of things to do in the area. I am looking forward to seeing the place and want to make this trip fun for the boys. It is important to me that they start getting excited about what will be our new home.

This is an unprecedented move for me. Usually I am an extremely Type-A kind of person, and I would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS just pick up and head out for a 2 day adventure without any plans other than starting at the Children's Museum. I am actually giddy with excitement... :)

How about any of you, when was the last time you just picked up and went on an adventure???


Too Many Hats said...

That sounds like lots of fun!!! Last time, last time, um no clue when the last time was I did something not planned - I am a planner for sure. I'll have to work on that.

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

I am definitely a planner, but it seemed like the right thing. Must be a genetic trait, because we had to stop mid-adventure when Mini-me found out we didn't have a hotel... Once we stopped at the local Holiday Inn, he was ok to continue... I am sitting here now, on the wi-fi while Sunshie puts the kids to bed. :)

Brandy said...

Maybe a year ago when we met some friends at a halfway point and had a day together. Hmm...that was a lot of fun! We should do stuff like that more often but most of our "free" time is packed full of commitments.

Have fun!