Friday, February 5, 2010


It’s been a couple of days, but it’s been a crazy couple of days. Sunshine got a job! FINALLY! It is a great feeling! The dread of every bill cycle has almost lifted (have to wait until that first check before I can declare victory). He has secured employment with an awesome company, at a great salary… 3 hours away.

Now the challenges begin. It’s called “Dealing with Success”. Sunshine will be living in a 1 bedroom hotel suite for the time being and we plan to see each other every weekend. He is very excited to get started and from the sound of it, so are his new bosses. While he is over there rolling in his glory, I have now switched “lack of sleep because of Unemployment” for “lack of sleep because of all the crap that needs to get done”. We are putting our house in the market next week, somehow I have to manage the two kids by myself (I have no idea how single moms do it – my hat and respect to them!), figure out how to keep the house clean and presentable for showings (hoping all the time that it WILL get sold), finding a job for me… Although we are hoping for a move at the end of the school year, now I have to figure out where the good schools are, daycares, neighborhoods… I am hoping that we can rent for a while until I can figure all this out, but not before we can sell the house up here.

Oh, and did I mention that my boss has been out of the country for a week and he doesn’t know? He called me about 5 minutes ago to see how things were and to get some help with some flights home. He sounded so happy to be back in the country, that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I am leaving. His last words before hanging up? “See you Monday! I look forward to being back!” Greeaaaat…. Now I have to break his heart also… One of the other VPs asked me this week (when he found out) “How are you going to commute?” I laughed. He then realized I am leaving. Not so joyous anymore. I guess that it feels good to be so appreciated and loved at work.

I should be so lucky to find another one like this.


Theta Mom said...

Yay Sunshine for the job! WOO HOO!

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

I KNOW!!!! :)

Too Many Hats said...

Congratulations and lots of luck with all that needs to get done.