Friday, February 12, 2010

Is this crazy week over yet?

Finally my work husband (WH), aka my boss, has come to terms with my departure. It took him 3 days of making my life hell to finally realize that a) I was leaving no matter what, and b) he might as well stop being an ass so I can remember him pleasantly instead of me bringing one of my sons to pee on his desk on my last day… Just kidding, I would never do that… they are too short to reach the top of the desk.

I wrote my reference letter and gave myself such great reviews that I thought I was made out of gold. Surprisingly, he only edited it slightly and did not include any negative remarks. I was surprised, considering my “inability” to write.

This week has otherwise been extremely busy. I am trying to stay on top of things, and although I may not be commenting these days, I read your blogs often – especially when I am mad at my WH.

The kids are finally coming to terms with the departure of their dad. Mini-me had a meltdown last Sunday in which he told his dad how he needed to go with him and take care of him so he wouldn’t be alone. When Sunshine asked him who would take care of me, without missing a beat he answered: “Skywalker can do that”. Please let me know if you find any pieces of my heart lying around your homes after that atomic bomb was detonated in the corners of my chest. You see… I love Skywalker with all my heart. He is part of me, but Mini-me is just Mini-me.

All mothers know that there is one kid in the brood that you just identify with, you know, one that is “your” kid, the one you can communicate with by just looking at him/her because it’s like looking at a mirror? The one that thinks YOU are the coolest thing in the world? Skywalker and Sunshine are thick as thieves. Mini-me and me have that special thing… until last Sunday of course. I debated for a while if I was going to pout about it, but then I realized that the kids are going to be only with me for the foreseeable future and they are going to have their dad only on the weekends. I could make up the lost ground, right?!?
And then, I came home today from work, to find my children eating Valentine’s Day candy like it was Halloween night… Sunshine will now have to pay…

How about you? Do you have a kid that you would never admit to others that is “your” kid? If you do, are you insanely protective of him/her when your spouse dares to wander into your territory? You are not going to call Child Protective Services on me, are you?

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Too Many Hats said...

Each of mine like that - really - they are all so differnt, I feel a special connection with each of them. For a long time it was my youngest because he was a premie and needed me so much and even now at almost 13 is the most cuddly of the kids.